Wedding Cake Tasting Session

If you have chosen a wedding cake baker, chances are you will be having a consultation and cake tasting session.

Luckily for us, our talented friend Lisa loves to bake and has recently started making wedding cakes. Having tried her cakes on a number of occasions we were thrilled to have her make our wedding cake. You can follow Lisa on her blog "Eat Cake While You Wait".

Lisa invited us to our first wedding cake tasting a few weeks ago, and we were told we would be tasting four different flavours:
  1. good old chocolate mud
  2. her signature lemon
  3. coconut and pineapple
  4. spiced banana
One naturally assumes we would be getting bite size pieces to sample but boy were we wrong!  These are what Lisa served up instead.

[Wedding Cake Tasting][Wedding Cake Tasting][Wedding Cake Tasting][Wedding Cake Tasting][Wedding Cake Tasting][Wedding Cake Tasting][Wedding Cake Tasting][Wedding Cake Tasting]

Yes we were even treated to a delicious lunch!

I can't imagine this to be the kind of service that one would get from a wedding cake store but I should have expected nothing less from Lisa.  Those cakes tasted as good as they look.

I came away with a new appreciation of wedding cakes.  Choosing the perfect one is tricky business, these are some things to think about before you attend your first wedding cake tasting:
  1. tiers: size, number and you can even have tier(s) made of Styrofoam
  2. flavours: for each tier, and whether to have a traditional fruit cake for the top tier
  3. shape: round, square or irregular
  4. icing (external): fondant vs buttercream
  5. icing (internal): ganache vs buttercream (but only if fondant is used as external icing)
  6. design:
    • real flowers vs sugar flowers
    • stenciling
    • ruffles
    • pearls
    • quilted pattern...and many more possibilities 
  7. cake topper: design and material used 
  8. transportation: this is important especially if you plan on a ten-tier cake =P
Good luck choosing your cake!

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