Springtime Blooms at the Flower Markets

November is my favourite time of the year. There's nothing more beautiful than peonies and jacaranda trees in full bloom. It is also a great time to visit the Sydney Flower Market at Flemington.

Before deciding on wedding flowers, you will need to find out which flowers will be in bloom on your big day to avoid last minute disappointment or paying a fortune to have your favourites imported from overseas.

We drove to the Market at 8am on a Saturday morning earlier this month to do just that.

I came away with a whole new appreciation of Chinese carnations and some great ideas for wedding floral arrangements for less than $20!

Five bunches of fresh beautiful flowers for less than $20 - what a bargain!
Chinese carnations - these come in many different colours

The florists were very helpful, they told me the names of some weird and wonderful flowers that I have never seen before, and how long they would last.

I should have brought along a pen and paper because I still don't know the name of the dry purple flower that looks a lot like lavender. UPDATE: they are called purple misty! Just don't leave them out too long because they start to smell funny.

Whether you are hiring a florist or doing DIY, the Market is worth a visit.  After all, that's where your florist will be buying your wedding flowers. 

The Market is open from 5-11am Monday to Saturday...there's no need to arrive at 5am but don't arrive too late or there may be a more limited range to choose from and the flowers weren't be as fresh.

The one good thing about arriving later in the morning is that if you are lucky, you can get some real bargains (P.S. I got some peonies and other flowers for $1-$3 per bunch on my second trip there this month)!

Peonies - if only these were available all year round...*sigh*

If you get hungry, you can go across the road to have some cheap and delicious Pho.

Personally there's nothing like the sweet delicate scent of fresh flowers...but if flowers are not your thing there are certainly some wonderful alternatives. These are my favourites:

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